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Black Matuka - flyfishing flies - trout fly

Matuka Black fly

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Black Matuka streamer fly

Matuka style trout flies are popular fly patterns around the world.  Originally tied in New Zealand but have spread around the world with amazing result.  Trout flies which are tied in matuka style are imitating a small fish and the tail of the feather looks alive in water and attracts fish since this fly pattern is imitation something in the food chain of the fish.

Time of the day: All

Conditions: All conditions  

History: Originally matuka trout flies were tied in New Zealand and the trout flies were named after the Mauri name “bitten bird”. Over 50 years ago, New Zealand fly tiers have bind the hackle down the matuka style.  The feather of the trout fly streamer is imitating a small fish since its lively in the water.  In 1975 they started to spread the trout fly around Europe and America and today you can find it in every combination and color available.  
Information about the pattern: Black and Olive matukas are the most popular and useful colors when fishing with matuka and zonker style flies. 

Hook: 3x or 4x long Streamer sizes #2 - 12 (8 and 10 most popular)

Thread: Black 6/0 

Weight: Weight is optional but lead wire is usually recommended (around 20 or 30 rounds)

Body: Black chenille Wing: Four black hen or cock neck feathers 

Hackle: Black hen neck feather folded towards the rear of the fly 

Rib:  Gold oval tinsel, used to hold down the wing

How to fish: It really depends on what types of fish you are trying to catch and what fits the river that is fished.  Try every tactical combination: slow and steady, fast, strip two, three times and then pause.  Our experiance is that this fly pattern is best fished close to the bottom. When fishing matuka trout flies patterns close to the bottom, stripping the fly line and allowing the fly to dance along. When this trout fly fished in a stream it is good to cast the fly across the stream and mend the line few times to let the fly sink.  Then strip the line as close to the bottom as possible to imitate a small fish.
Its also good to fish this fly in rivers in shallow water,close to the banks or close to the edge of pools. 
Good attractor pattern when fish are difficult to take

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