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Munros Killer - fly pattern to fly fishing for salmon

Munros Killer fly


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Munro's Killer fly

Munros Killer is a spay fly pattern with has an attractive combination of color scheme which experienced fly fisherman say are the all the favorite colors when fishing for atlantic salmon. Salmon fly that is grouped as one of the best salmon flies in the world today.  It has been successful as a mid summer and autumn salmon.  Munros Killer comes from Scotland but has been used all over the world with great success for fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

Grouped as one of the most famous fly fishing flies in the world and if you are going to fish for atlantic salmon, you better have few Munros Killers in your fly box. 

Best conditions to fly fish Munros Killer

Munros Killer is popular in all countries but it has different prime-times in each zone. For example, in Iceland its late summer and autumn while in Scotland it has very good results even in spring.  Munro's killer can be fly fished in all conditions but the yellow underwing it is said to make it more visible in colored water.  Good autumn fly when colors start to change on the trees on the banks of the river.

Our recommendation is try Munros Killer, it has whats needed.

History of Munros Killer

Comes from Munro's tackle shop in Aberlour on the banks of river Spey.

Fly tying the Munros Killer  

Tag: gold oval tinsel
Tail: orange hackle feather tips
Body: Black floss
Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel
Throat: Orange hackle and blue guinea fowl tied over
Wing: Yellow hair arctic runner with black arctic runner on top or yellow dyed squirrel tail with black arctic runner in it
Thread and head: Black
Tip: Use Munros Killer as a dropper fly.

Water type   
River and streams

8 - 10 feet


All our fly fishing flies are professionally tied by professional fly tiers. They are tested by our guides in Iceland and other countries.  All flies are quality tested by our professional team to meet the highest standards when fishing for salmon.

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