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Fly Fishing Iceland - The Land Of Fire, Ice, Salmon And Monster Trout - We Help You Find The Best Fly Fishing Flies For Iceland Salmon Fishing And Trout Fishing For Fly Fishing In Iceland


"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."  ~A.K. Best

Pall Olafsson - fishing in vatnsdalsa river in Iceland

Iceland is a home to few of the best trout and Atlantic salmon fly fishing in the world.  Most overseas anglers return year after year for fly fish few of Iceland monster salmon in well managed, crystal clear rivers and breathtaking landscape. I know that anglers can experience miracles when they fly fish for salmon, trout, sea trout or arctic char under the midnight sun. Iceland is a stunning and beautiful island and because it is so close to the Arctic Circle, the amount of daylight varies dramatically by season. The sun sets briefly each night in June which makes it perfect for fly fishing anglers to enjoy a night of fly fishing in Iceland in calm but rough environment.  If you haven't been fly fishing in Iceland... put it on your bucket list and you will never regret it.


Salmon fly fishing in Iceland - an experience that you will never forget

You are going to be amazed to see the number of salmons that run up Icelandic salmon rivers to spawn each year.  This sight is sometimes like in movies when you see Atlantic salmon by hundreds laying in pools.  Tourist stop their cars on the highway 1 to see anglers try to catch the worlds most beautiful fish - Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon season in Iceland last for about 4 months, or from the period of June until October. Over hundred of rivers run all across the country holding some of the best first-class rivers in the world.  Many  rivers are  ranked among the highest for fly fishing in the world for Atlantic Salmon fishing.  Almost all rivers are crystal-clear, free of any kind of pollution which makes the country a disirable place for anglers all over the world. 


Trout fly fishing in Iceland - have you ever seen a 30 lbs brown trout taking your fishing fly?

I just love standing in a river at 4 AM, looking over my dry flies while listening to the silence and think which fly would best fit current situations. These moments are so unique that you will never forget them, even though you spend 100 days fishing a year.

Brown trout, lake trout and arctic char are among the most popular species found for fly fishing in Iceland. Iceland is usually well know for its salmon fishing but not so many people know about the monster trouts that have lived in Iceland from early Ice Age.  These trout can be up to 30 lbs and every year a trout up to 20 lbs is caught in one of the lakes around the island.

Select a fly in Iceland - Which fly fishing flies should you buy before Fly Fishing Iceland?

Believe me, when it comes to fly fishing in Iceland its important that you have the correct fly fishing flies for your destination and river/lake.  Selecting a fishing fly or fishing flies can be a difficult task if you dont know whom to ask or where to look. You are lucky since we are going to help you select fishing flies for your trip.  We dont want you to waste your time by using the wrong flies so we are going to help you getting excetly what you need for your fishing. 

The list of flies that we will mention is our top flies for Iceland along with flies which are recommended by some of the most experienced guides and gillies in Iceland when you are fly fishing in Iceland.

Top Salmon fly fishing flies for Iceland

You are going to fly fish Iceland and you dont have an idea which fly fishing flies you have to tie or buy?  You have a lot of information and tip from people which flies you should have in your fly box but you are not 100% sure if these are the correct ones?  Let me help you out.  I will list 5 flies that will always work for you, doesn't matter if it spring, summer autumn or event winter.  These fly fishing flies have and will always catch fish in Iceland... at least they have served me for the past 20 years with an amazing result.


1. Frances - the number one fly when you go fly fishing Iceland

Frances salmon flies are probably the most famous of all Icelandic fly fishing flies. Im not lying to you when I say that in some rivers almonst 50% of all salmon caught on fly are caught on this fly.  Of course there are many different variations of this fly - Frances black trebles, frances red trebles, Frances tube etc but overall this fly has will be one of Iceland best salmon flies. So before fly fishing Iceland, you should get few different variation of Frances salmon fly.

Here is the fly pattern:

Frances Salmon fly fishing fly

Hook: Treble, Double or singles or brass, aluminium or plastic tube (I know, this fly has many variations)
Feelers: Stripped cock hackle stalks
Tail: Brown calf for tube flies but pheasnt tail for singles, doubles and trebles, tied all around the shank
Body: You pick the color of the wool you want to use but red and black are the most popular ones
Rib: Gold tinsel
Body Hackle: One light brown or ginger cock hackle, palmered up the body
Head: Same as the color of the body except for black frances, then the head is yellow


2. Riffling Hitch

The most simpliest fly of them all... but still deadly.  Its unbelievable how many salmon this fly catches each year when fly fishing Iceland .  Not only its a killer fly pattern, its also the most exciting fly pattern to fish.  Riffling hitch design makes the fly pattern skid on the surface of the stream which will attract salmon in difficult conditions.  When the salmon takes the hitch you will experience the take itself.  You should have at least few different hitch tubes with you when you go fly fishing Iceland.

Sometimes the salmon will come to the fly serveral times before hooking itself.  Remember never to stop the fly and keep the same rythm all the time.  Try not to make the fly fishing fly hitch to fast, try to keep consistant speed on the fly all the time.

See here


3. Sun Ray Shadow

Now few of my guiding friends in Iceland are not going to be happy with me when I say this fly is on my top 5 list... but what the heck. I always have a set of Sun Rays in my box when I go fly fishing in Iceland.  Sun Ray salmon fly fishing flies are a long wing flies, tied on a plastic tube in a really simple way. If you need tube flies that will shock the pool and start to move the atlantic salmon, you should try this fly.  Strip if fast across the pool and hold on tight, salmon strike this fly pattern when fished fast.   

See here

Sun Ray Shadown fly fishing fly for Salmon

Tube: Plastic
Thread: black
Underwing: bucktail in the color you want
Wing: Long goat hair (also effective using Polar Pony or monkey)
Overwing: Peacock herl and sometimes add some holographic


4. Black and Blue fly fishing fly

Every year Black and Blue salmon fly lands some monster salmons up to 30 lbs in Iceland... do I need to say more?  There is just something about this fly that tells me that its right, it will fish and it will always have a place in my fly box. The color combination is one of the most popular in Scandinavia.  Blue, black and bright... with a twist of yellow and red.  Dont miss out this one when you go fly fishing Iceland.

Black and blue fly fishing fly for Salmon

Thread: black
Rib: oval silver
Tip: golden pheasant
Body: flat silver
Wing: black arctic runner with small red flashbou
Collar hackle: blue cock neck
Head: Black


5. Kvikindið or The Monster fly fishing fly

This fly fishing fly has served me as a secret weapon for salmon fishing in many years and I haven't showed this fly to many anglers before but I will do it now .. or soon and offer it for sale on the web. This fly assembles the Friggi Salmon fly a lot but still has proven for me and my friends much more effective in difficult situation when you go fly fishing Iceland.  If you need a fly fishing fly to outfish your partners you should try to get your hands on this fly.... not only for Iceland but for all kind of game fishing.  It has caught salmons, sea trouts and pikes in Iceland, Norway, Canada, Russia etc by a handful of anglers.

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Hope you enjoy this article and please let us know if you have any comments or need further information

Tight lines,
Pall Olafsson

Icelandic angling experts that Pick a fly team recommends


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Iceland Angling Travel

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